About Us

Since 1990. Keyano Aromatics has been formulating one of the finest, natural, environmentally- conscious product lines available on the market today, Deriving its name from the life giving mountain breeze known to the ancient Native American’s as “Keyano”, Keyano Aromatics offers your salon/spa its exclusive, up-scale line of Aromatic Skin Care, Mineral Makeup, Hair Care, and Bath & Body products. Keyano Aromatics product are elegantly packaged and designed to compliment any Salon or Spa. Keyano products are designed firstly, To Perform, secondly, To Awaken the Senses and thirdly, To Stimulate even the most discerning eye.

Devoted to the manufacture of environmentally- friendly products, Keyano Aromatics in the tradition of the great spas of Europe, utilizes only the finest of raw materials. For years, Keyano?s devoted research team has scoured the world finding only the most potent and effective ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Extremely well researched embracing the holistic wisdom of ancient cultures, the knowledge behind Keyano Aromatics active ingredients has been painstakingly gathered and tested from top spas, salons, therapists and healers from around the world.

Harvesting many essential ingredients directly from the sea, Keyano Aromatics embraces the concept of Thalassotherapy; the use of seawater and seaweeds in healing therapies. With everything needed to sustain human life, seaweed super rich in vitamins and minerals may well be the most completely balanced food on the planet. Many civilizations have long touted the power of the sea, the soup of life and now Keyano Aromatics brings it directly to your salon/spa.

Keyano Aromatics combines the concept of Thalassotherapy with the age-old use of Aromatherapy. Aromatic extracts of flowers, herbs and trees, which work in complete harmony with the body. Long utilized as healing agents, many essential oils can be traced back thousands of years. University studies conclusively demonstrate their extraordinary healing powers in disease control and stress management.

The Keyano Dream

“Skillfully using the principles of Naturopathy has long been a dream of Keyano Aromatics” says President Dr. Bill Comiskey, ND. The origins of Naturopathy can be traced back to the ancient healing arts of a variety of cultures and still as a formal system of healing developed in the United States over 100 years ago. To heal in harmony with the natural functions of the body, without harm, is the underlying principle of Naturopathy. Health and beauty results from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Years of research have gone into the development and formulation of these products. We looked to the best, from the great spas of Europe to the world?s best holistic healers. We’ve made sure these products are the best they can be.

Today?s salon clients are well educated and are looking for products that not only are luxurious, but are natural with therapeutic healing properties. Keyano Aromatics range of products and spa treatments is here to fulfill all of their needs; Skin Care, Mineral Makeup, Hair Care and Bath & Body Spa Products..